The Panchatantra – Story 52


A dog called Chitranga was living comfortably in a town. After some years, however, the town was stricken by a famine, and also with fear of invasion, and most people left the town in panic. The dog could not get anything to eat. So he want to another town in order to live a comfortable life. He was fortunate enough to see the door of a kitchen in a big house open. He entered and saw several nice dishes ready cooked. He had his fill and went out before any people in the house could see his act. 

But, when he went out, the dogs of the town, on seeing this stranger dog, attacked him and bit him savagely, inflicting several wounds on his body. They he said to himself; Better to live in one’s own land even in times of famine, respected by your kinsfolk, even though you get little to eat, instead of living in this foreign town hated by all the dogs.” So he returned to his native town. The other dogs asked him, “How did you fare in that strange country? What is it like?”. He replied ; “The food there was very good to eat, and of infinite variety. But the dogs in that foreign town are wanting in friendliness, and it is impossible for any self respecting dog of this town to live there.”

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