The Panchatantra – Story 40


There was once a bird living on a mountain side which used to drop dung of gold. One day, a hunter saw this phenomenon and was amazed, as he had never seen such thing before. He trapped the bird and caught it. Then he thought that if he kept the, bird to himself the secret would leak out and the king, who had made the production of gold a state monopoly, would punish him. 

So, he took the bird to the king and gave it to him saying, “Sir, this is a valuable bird which will drop dung of pure gold. I have brought it to Your Majesty as a present.” The King said to his ministers, “What a wonderful phenomenon ! Let us watch it.” The ministers said : “Sir, whoever heard of a bird which dropped dung of gold ? How can you believe that illiterate fool, who speaks such an incredible thing?” The king was taken in by the advice of the ministers and he freed the bird. 

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