The Panchatantra – Story 2


In a grove outside this city a merchant was having a temple built. Every day, at noon, the workers would leave the place and go to the city for their lunch. The place was full of huge timber logs in the process of being sawn. One day a troop of monkeys went to the half-built temple. They saw a huge log in the process of being sawn. A mechanic had begun to saw it and had left a wedge in the timber at the place of sawing. The monkeys began their frolics upon the log and the neighbourhood. 

One specially mischievous monkey got astride the log and said to itself; “Hullo, who stuck this wedge in this place and why?” and he seized the wedge with both his hands and pulled it out with all his might. His private parts were in the cleft as he did so. When the wedge came off, his private parts were crushed, and he died at once.

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